VSS Cosmos Music Academy is a Indian music academy founded by Goutham, the founder-Director of the Academy. The name was derived from Goddess Saraswathi Holy Piligrimage temple Basara in South India where the sage Vedavyas did penance by forming the idol of Goddess with Sand.


Why learning art?

Everyone in this world should sense and realize the significance of fine arts and its impact in our human life. We made our lives mechanical and lead to various mental and physical stress these days. To reduce our stress we need to practice following few stress busters. One of the ways of reducing your stress is adapting music in your life. So what are you waiting for?

As a founder-Director I welcome you all to Vyassarasree Family!!



The objective of setting this academy is to promote our Indian music worldwide, by training students with quality, systematic teaching through online who hail from different parts of the world geographically.

Academy provides professional teaching services through online and at its premises located in Hyderabad. Now that people are moving to different geographical locations due to personal or work related issues, the academy has decided to take online music classes for students to be close to the academy. Academy is also introducing the system of Onsite Live Classes during summer Vacation for the students residing abroad to have live interaction between teacher and student.

Music is not restricted to a particular age group or a country like India. Music is Universal!! It is a meditation and medication for people of all age groups. Indian music is not just restricted for Indians. Academy is committed to impart the knowledge of Indian music specially Carnatic music to Indians all over the world and also citizens of other countries globally. International students can be part of Vyassarasree Family by visiting the ‘’International Students’’ page in the website.


Director’s foreword

South Indian music is proved to be the foundation for exploring world music.

VSS Cosmos Music Academy is dedicated to give its best teaching services in the field of Indian classical music and reach the international standards.

The academy is also committed to help the students in finding online expert professional teachers in other subjects like mathematics, sciences, accountancy, other fine arts etc in future. This is an informational service to the students of the academy. The academy will not have any monetary benefit from these teachers or courses.

In this happy moment, I would like to thank few important people who helped me to grow to this level since my childhood. I am very blessed to be born and be a part of Mylavarapu clan having lived with beautiful Grandparents Sri Goutama Sarma and Late smt. Sita Devi and my parents Sri Ramaiah and Venkata Lakshmi and other family members. I pay my gratitude to my music gurus: Parama guru Padma Vibhushan Dr. M.Balamurali Krishna, gurus: Late Sri Prakya Anjaneya Sastry and Sri D.V. Mohana Krishna who identified me as one of the contributor to music for future generations. Also special thanks to all the celebrities and great people whom I met in my life. I rise to keep your promises, expectations and good faith in me in imparting our great Indian fine arts culture and contributing it to the society by performing and teaching.

I would like to thank the technical support team Sathya and Goutham for their efforts in presenting the website fabulously!!

Last but not the least, I thank my beloved wife Lakshmi Goutham (senior software programmer) for her support in developing this website and her contribution in moulding my career to greater heights.

I wish you all the very best in your future Endeavours!!


Yours Faithfully
Goutama Sarma Mylavarapu (Founder Director)


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