Frequently asked Questions

Who can pursue music and other fine arts?

  • Anyone who is interested and would like to have a good personality development, stress management, suffering from memory loss, psychological and physical illness and looking for peace of mind can take music or fine arts. It is the choice of the student whether to continue in vocal music, instrumental music or any other fine art. But music is considered the pioneer of fine arts.

  • I would like to learn instrumental music. Is it necessary for me to learn vocal music?

    Though learning vocal music is not mandatory for learning instrumental music, but the academy strongly recommends instrumental students to learn basics of vocal music which helps them to learn instrumental music fast. Academy has designed a special course for “ vocal training for Instrumentalists”. So their can first enroll for this course and later learn choice of his instrument.

  • What is the age group for learning in the Academy?

    There is no upper limit or lower limit for learning music. In general students above 5 yrs are eligible to join the academy. There is no age upper limit. Those students who are below 5 yrs and seem to be grasping the teachings will always be admitted to join the academy if they have passion to learn. So there are no age limits for learning music.

  • Will I be provided course material by the Academy?

    The academy provides the study material for the course you have enrolled and will provide the class recording at the option of the student for the benefit of the students.

  • What is the procedure to enroll into the academy?

    There are three simple steps to enrol into the academy

    • Step-1

      Schedule a demo class in the website as per the available time slots and your availability.

    • Step 2

      Once the demo class is done and if you are satisfied with the demo, make the payment of the fee through online mode after completing the mandatory survey. Once you complete the survey, an enrolment id will be generated and also the amount the student has to pay for the level of course opted in his location will be displayed.

    • Step-3

      Once your payment is confirmed, you will be given access to the Student login to register your details in the website.

What if I want to discontinue for the course?

If the student wants to discontinue with the course, he can take the classes to the extend he has made the payment of fee. As per the academy policy there is no refund available for the fees once

What are the technical requirements for joining online class?
  • Computer with either Windows 7 (recommended), Windows Vista, Windows XP or Mac OS
  • Internet Speed of 2mbps or more is advisable. Less than this will have lot of Technical issues from the student’s end.
  • Audio headset with microphone
  • The following software installed:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer™ version 7, Firefox™ version 3.0 or latest or Google Chrome.
    • Adobe Flash™ 6.0 or latest
  • Built –in or external webcam for video calls


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