Subject: Carnatic Music

  • Vocal training for Vocal students
  • Vocal training also for Instrument Learning students ( Like Violin, Veena, mandolin, saxophone, clarinet, flute,Keyboard,etc)

Students can learn music either as a hobby or a profession.

Vocal music is the specialized course offered for the students of all age groups.

Carnatic music along with Light classical music and light music will be offered to the students.

Sri Vyasara academy offers courses in a systematic way by dividing the course into different levels. The student can go from one level to the next level only after gaining a considerable understanding of the subject in that level and qualifying the assessment at the end of the course.


Below are the details of courses and levels:

Foundation level


* Student of any age group who is interested to learn music.

* Beginners or those discontinued the basic lessons in Carnatic music are also eligible to take this level in the course.


Intermediate Level

* Students who completed the Foundation Level course at the academy are eligible to take the Intermediate Level course after thorough assessment at foundation level.


Advanced Level

* Students who completed the Intermediate level at the academy only are eligible to take advanced level courses.

Certification Programs

  • Regular Academy Assessments
  • Certificate and Diploma courses in Carnatic music (vocal)
  • Diploma in Light music (vocal)

Note: Carnatic music vocal courses from any other universities/colleges other than Telugu university course in India or abroad will also be taught as per the student’s choice.

Students who complete the foundation level successfully and get good score in the final assessment exam of foundation level conducted by the academy after the completion of the course, will be eligible and have the option of being intensively trained for four years certificate course examination in Carnatic music conducted by Telugu University or any other university in India or abroad of Student’s choice. For this the student has to take training for consecutive three years without any gap during the training period. The academy expects at least 80% regularity in attending the classes and focusing on the course.

Note: If the student is not willing or is not eligible (due to age) to take the university examination, he can continue with intermediate level syllabus prescribed by the academy which will be taught in par with the exam syllabus so that the student, if interested can take university exam in future.


Mode of Training

The mode of training is of two types.

  • At Academy Premises
  • Through Virtual Online classes
  • Through live Onsite classes abroad (only during summer vacation with a minimum batch size of 20 students)



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