Success Path


VSS Cosmos Music Academy was set up in 2012 at its Hyderabad premises and online teaching with just two students and it has gradually grown to more than fifty students getting trained in the Academy today and still going strong. The Academy is gradually moving on the higher note year by year past four years. It has trained students in understanding the significance of music in daily life for every human and the meaning of how to enjoy music. It has developed the interest not only for the student but also the family members of the students. By seeing the student learning music very enthusiastically, siblings of the students and family members are also motivated by the way the students are pursuing the course in the academy. Not only learning, even performing is also a very important aspect of art. So academy provides the opportunity to students for performing during religious events, academy annual events and music festivals. Academy conducts workshop every year in the month of April – May to all the music lovers and teaches in various genres.

Academy encourages students to participate in various competitions including online competitions in social network sites, of other academies, media, schools, collegiate, etc. Academy provides sufficient guidance to the student to give his best in the competitions.

The academy is introducing new courses this year as per the requirement of the students. It is providing employment opportunities to eminent Gurus who have the passion to teach various fine arts along with music in the Academy. For more details go to Join as Guru.

Apart from teaching, the academy also has a sense of responsibility for the society. So the Academy has provided some help to the needy.

Academy students also have outing to places once in two years. There is also a concept of Industrial tour in Fine Arts (Lalitha Kala Yatra) where the academy students will go to a place related to fine arts and gain knowledge about the place.

Therefore the Academy is now considered one of the pioneer global institutes which is committed to provide quality educational service to meet the needs of the society.

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