I first stumbled upon VSS Cosmos Music Academy (online learning) in september 2014 when my son and I were searching for the right teacher.… We sought out a teacher who would be able to find balance between my Son busy academic school life and his love for music. Under GSM tutelage, we accomplished what we originally planned smoothly. Every class with GSM was immensely productive and it was gratifying to learn that no time or energy was lost after each session. What I found most impressive though, was GSM detailed preview and review of each lesson. As a concerned parent, it was fulfilling to see such detailed information about each session. Of course, it was evermore the effect that GSM background and experience had on everyone. Nearly all other acquaintances were astonished to find how convenient the schedules were given his busy concert schedules in India. Throughout our journey, I have found that there has been significant change in my son perspective of music. While the same respect and honor are there, his understanding of this art form has allowed him to grow out his roots and realize his true potential. We are so fortunate to have GSM sir and there is so much more for my son to learn from him. It makes me feel proud that my son passion for music is in safe professional hands that will most certainly take him to new heights in his musical career. Thank you very much Goutham garu….

– Pradeep Kumar


We are honored to have the opportunity to offer a strong recommendation for Gautama Sarma garu as a music teacher for our daughter. Along with regular music she gets to learn new and interesting songs to keep attention in the class. Mr. Sarma garu has the ability and patience to teach all age/grade levels. His effort and dedication makes kids have a friendly learning experience. Mr. Sarma garu has love for music makes him a special and able teacher to inspire my daughter. His inspiration will give tremendous benefit for anyone and give a memorable lifetime experience to anyone who gets taught by him. And mostly, Mr. Sarma garu has highly developed and flexible teaching style.

– Aparna Yeddula



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